Westin 18-20 Jeep Wrangler WJ2 Full Width Front Bumper w/LED Light Bar Mount Textured Black

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Westins WJ2 Full Width Front Bumper with LED Light Bar Mount is constructed with 3/16-inch plate steel and fits most double or single row 20 light bars. The product is designed to utilize both styles of factory fog lights or round post lights, and adjustable brackets accept Westin or competitor light bars. With Westins new WJ2 Full Width Bumper, your winch fits inside the bumper to allow maximum air flow to your vehicles radiator and is designed to allow winch installation with your bumper already installed – most other brands wont! Features Rock Light mount points on lower bumper corners, holes to hide light harness wires, and 2 front off-road jack points. Product offers recovery hooks with a recovery shackle mount point to allow easy tow strap attachment. Includes bumper, mounting hardware and install instructions.
Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions

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