Quake LED QTE1039 RGB 9" LED Headlights with DRL Halo, and Sequential Turns for 18-22 Jeep Wrangler JL & 2022 Gladiator JT

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The Quake LED 9" Headlights with DRL Halo are a full size upgrade for your Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT. These are not your typical 7" headlight with an adapter ring. Offering a halo ring to provide a bright white daytime running light "DRL" for added safety and unique styling. These bright headlights provide 4500/3200 (H/L) lumens to light up the night. Giving your Jeep more visibility for a safer ride. A simple plug and play installation. Sold as a pair.

Quake Ultimate RGB Color: The name "RGB" comes from the initials of the three additive primary colors which are red, green, and blue. By mixing these colors you can create up to 316 Lighting effects with the Quake technology. Quake offers the RGB effects in many of their products, so you can completely customize your Jeep with the ultimate light show. Great for shows, events, and showing off to your friends. Light up the night.

Quad-Lock / Interlock Compatible: With the Quake Quad Lock Pro controller option sync all of your accent lights to be used as turn signals, courtesy lights, brake lights (rear only) and hazards. This unique controller is sold separate and gives you complete control with one simple key fob. The additional turn signals and brake lights will create a safer driving experience by warning other drivers from every angle. The Courtesy lighting will allow for safer entry and exit of your vehicle on those dark nights. Also allowing you to easily connect all your light bars and auxiliary lighting. All of this creating a custom Jeep for all your buddies to drool over. Sold Separately

Quake LED Features:

  • Function - DRL/RGB/High/Low
  • Compatibility - Quad-Lock/Interlock/TXS (Turn Signal Technology)/RGB Accent
  • Adjustable - Up/Down & Left/Right
  • Beam Color - Bright White (4 pcs High-Powered SMD)
  • Lumens - 4,500/3,200 (H/L)
  • Watts - 50/35 (H/L)
  • Color Temperature - 6,000K
  • Operating Voltage - 10-30V DC
  • Operating Temp -40 to 140 degrees F
  • Lens Material -Polycarbonate
  • Housing Material - Diecast Aluminum
  • Includes - Bluetooth Controller & RGB Wires
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • Life Span Expectancy - 50,000 Hours


Quake Tempest LED: Providing enhanced visibility for a safer driving experience with a plug and play installation. These premium lights provide a bulb-free headlamp design that is waterproof and extremely durable against potential trail damage. Constructed with a military grade, die-cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lenses that will Not yellow. Giving optimum protection against the abuse of road debris, and impact from branches on the trail. Sealed with reinforcement grade epoxy that protects the innards from corrosion and moisture. Engineered with advanced circuitry to protect against voltage spikes. Quake offers a quality that is built to last.

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