ORIS High Altitude Burner OHOB

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This is the hottest burner you can get for a skottle. This is great for wok cooking, boiling water, or cooking with high heat. Works great at higher altitudes where the oxygen is thin.
The cast iron burner puts out 110000 BTU of max heat, that is enough for any cooking need. Our standard burner is 10,000 BTU for comparison.

Warning: This will burn the powder coating off the skottle head. This will burn the black powder coating off of the piece that the legs and this attach to. This gets extremely hot and will burn off the coating. Will not damage the cast iron skottle pan.
Why the OHOB?

  • Increase the heat on your skottle or boil water fast
  • Solution for high altitude cooking
  • Use for beer making, maple syrup boiling, corn cooking, or wherever you need a lot of heat.
  • 110,000 BTU max output
  • Cast-iron burner
  • Aluminum bracket, laser-cut, and CNC bent
  • Includes 3- 1/4 inch 20tpi mounting bolts
  • 4 foot hose included that hooks to a grill size propane tank
  • Adjustable air inlet to adjust for the perfect burn
  • Burner and bracket kit only

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