J.W. Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 Series 7" Heated Dual Burn LED Headlight

Color: Chrom
Quantity: Single
Sale price$452.67


When you are ready to upgrade your original Jeep headlights, look no further because the Evolution 2 Series 7" Heated Dual Burn 7" LED Headlight from JW Speaker is the perfect choice. The LED light will outperform a standard headlight in brightness and range. A premium feature on this headlight is the innovative heated grid on the lens that automatically engages to help clear snow or ice when needed. This 7" round LED light is a direct replacement for the Jeep CJ and 97-06 Wrangler. The low beam delivers brighter and wider illumination, improving visibility and safety. Additionally, the Dual Burn technology utilizes the high beam and low beam simultaneously to project not only a powerful, long beam, but also a wider pattern nearer to the Jeep. This LED headlight is DOT compliant and delivers amazing results when driving on the highway or off-road.

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